Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hot Teriyaki Beef Jerky

There are not as many brands of hot teriyaki beef jerky as there are mild. Hot, Fire, and Spicy are mostly descriptions of the seasoning and the marinade of the jerkys. Most teriyaki flavors tend to be sweet and mild but there are some with a kick. Some companies' hot teriyakis are their best selling. I've noticed a lot of the handmade jerkys suppliers take much pride in their seasoning and they won't share their secrets. They mix sauces and hand season every piece. These tend to be smaller no-name or small-name brands. And that's okay. There is not always a strong correlation between large company and small company products as far as taste goes. I'd bet many homemade jerkys would run circles around the big boys in a blind taste test. You'll have to order at your own risk with some spicy jerkys. Many will add large amounts of hot pepper, jalepenos, and crushed red pepper in their seasonings. They will lather it on in the oven or dehydrator and let it soak in for hours. When they are finished being prepared many will just leave it on. Look in the plastic bag and notice how much spice is at the bottom. Some have just sick amounts, some are pretty bare. The spicy teriyaki jerkys without a huge amount of visible pepper seeds are sometimes scraped free after dried. Some companies don't use peppers at all but do soak their beef in hot teriyaki marinades for hours. They'll use hot sauces such as Tobasco, Franks, Louisiana Chipolte, or any local brand or famous brand of hot sauce. Just companies also use ground seasonings, mostly with heavy doses of peppers, and use the teriyaki spices for soaking. Some jerky makers use both at once. They'll mix all seasoning with marinades and soak it all before drying the meat.

Like I said, each supplier offers jerky as different in taste as packaging, shipping, and business models. Here's a few suppliers I've come across. Best Beef Jerky offers a very spicy london broil teriyaki jerky and also offers a much spicier flavor called habanaero super hot. BBJ sells 3 oz bags and guarantees they're one of the best American made teriyaki jerkys you'll ever taste (they also offer medium-hot and mild). Prime Cut offers A05, a thin cut, tender, and moist hot teriyaki jerky at $19/pound. They mix hot chili pepper with their product and ships same day with free shipping. Arizona Pepper Company apparently makes an excellent jerky named "Jackson’s Awesome Peppered Teryaki Beef Jerky". The description of their product is very similar to that Best Beef Jerky's, london broil with a habanero hot flavor. This is described as a sweet jerky and looking at a picture of it it's one of those jerkys that has a lot of crushed red pepper on it. They make the jerky as ordered by the week, in my opinion a very good idea for homemade jerky. I don't know if this is the same jerky though. The Jerky Hut's has "Mooie Louie Hot Teriyaki Beef Jerky", which is thick prime cut strips and they use crushed red chilies. You can buy this flavor in 1/2 pounds. Have I mentioned how crazy their packaging is? It's a cow on a surfboard with a bikini top and grass skirt. JH also has a Habanaro Hot Teriyaki Jerky in an 8 oz bag. Papa Dan's also has a hot teriyaki and he also sells in 8 oz bags. The packaging on this one is purple and this also is a heavily seeded jerky. They've combined their teriyaki sauce with hot peppers.

Cowboy Extreme offers their "Hot Teriyaki Kippered Beef Jerky" in 2 or 4 oz bags. Kippered means moisturized. This is a darker beef jerky and while it's not as heavy on the peppers as the other brands, they're very visible. Look for the black label with barbed wire outline design. Oregon Trail also makes "Teriyaki Hot Kippered Beef". Oregon Trail is out of Castle Rock, Co and they offer 4 oz bags. They are currently running a sale as of this writing. The Hoffman's seem like a nice family run outfit and they also offer black pepper and regular teriyaki flavors as well. (They're currently out of elk and buffalo jerky but try back!) There's another brand "Ass Kickin Beef Jerky-Teriyiak Flavor" out of a company in Arizona called Southwest Specialty Food. There are tons of products under the Ass Kickin label such as sauces, gummy candies, peanuts, seasonings, and more, so consider this. They sell these in 4 oz vaccum-sealed bags and the packaging is yellow-orange with a donkey on it. Sorry I wrote another long post here. I would add the shipping information and ingredient specs as well but I tend to write too much as it is. Actually these are only a few of the selections of spicy and hot teriyaki jerkys. There's probably countless homemade flavors that I have never even heard of. Also be sure to check out my post about the selections of mild teriyaki beef jerky.

Friday, October 17, 2008

World Kitchens Teriyaki

World Kitchens teriyaki beef jerky is one of the more popular brands of teriyaki beef jerky. World Kitchens different products include Old Fashioned beef jerky, Brown Sugar beef jerky, Peppered beef jerky, Hot & Spicy beef jerky, beef pepperoni sticks, and of course Teriyaki beef jerky. Teriyaki flavor sells in one pound (16 oz.) bags and is sealed in a resealable bag to keep in freshness. This is a USDA inspected and approved jerky and can be dry stored, you don't have to refrigerate it. Many homemade jerkys are not USDA inspected. Of course usually they are still safe just keep it in mind. World's tereyaki is made of natural beef but different companies have different definitions of natural. These are lean strips of beef and are not formed or compressed. Worlds Kitchens offers free fast 2 day shipping on orders of six packs or more. The flavor is less strong than most teriyaki brands. WKs takes pride in great flavor and not being too tough or too dry.

Ingredients include brown sugar, sugar, salt, soy proteins, papaya juice, vinegar, powdered onion and garlic, and soy sauce powder, among other ingredients. 1 oz. of World Kitchens Teriyaki Beef Jerky contains 80 calories and 1 gram of total fat (saturated and trans fat), 11 grams of protein, 7 grams of sugars, 20 mg of cholestorol, and 580 mg of sodium. There are 16 servings in a 1 lb pack. All orders are shipped priority 2 day shipping but again if you order in units of six (6, 12, 18, 24), shipping is free which is a pretty good deal. When you order there are no fees or club memberships and your order is booked noon on weekdays and shipped same day. They promise to always stock fresh jerky. W. Kitchens teriyaki jerkys come in a blue bag that is thicker and larger than most jerky packaging. Many brands don't have as much as a pound of meat contained in one bag. World Kitchens accepts paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and e-checks. As of this post, they're getting jerky to your door within 2-3 business days. The price per ounce, depending on where you buy or order it, is around .60-.70. Also keep in mind that this brand may be available in your local grocery store. As far as I know, Walmart does not carry teriyaki flavored (at least mine doesn't and I haven't seen it at any other ones). Many online customers seem happy with this product just by reading the reviews but of course you'll get the negative reviews as well. One customer says that the teriyaki flavor tasted old and like liver, despite the expiration date. He also said it fell apart in his mouth. The package says that the jerky is made in Brazil and is distributed from the U.S. Some are turned off by this because they're unsure of Brazilian beef. Other customers claim that the jerky is of different colorings, some brown, some red. Most of the opinions on the teriyaki-flavored jerky are positive but some prefer their other labels. This is normal. If you don't like World Kitchens jerky, please contact them, as they encourage feedback, usually a good sign from a manufacturer.